Quest for Leadership
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The GEG Project is proud to present, ‘Quest for Leadership’, its newest documentary and sequel to ‘Quest for Symphony’. ‘Quest for Leadership’ recounts the story of environmental governance through the eyes of the individuals who created and led national and international institutions for environment and development. It seeks to inspire bold, unflinching leadership in new generations of environmental activists around the world who can shatter stereotypes, create a climate of cooperation and devise an analytically sound and morally grounded agenda for action.

Featured are Bill Ruckelshaus (first and fifth Administrator of the US EPA), John W. McDonald (US Department of State 1947-1974 and 1978-1987), Gus Speth (UNDP Administrator 1993-1999), Neric Acosta (Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats) and the five consecutive Executive Directors of the UN Environment Programme: Maurice Strong, Mostafa Tolba, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Klaus Töpfer, and Achim Steiner. “If you get an opportunity to move on some environmental problems, move quickly and move decisively,” advises Bill Ruckelshaus; Ambassador John W. McDonald reflects on the creation of UNEP as the anchor institution for the global environment; and young environmental leaders commit to taking concrete action to advance global environmental governance and bridge the gap with local environmental concerns.

Joe Ageyo, award-winning environmental journalist at NTV Kenya, is producer and director of Quest for Leadership and GEG Project Director, Maria Ivanova, is executive producer.

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3 Comments to “Quest for Leadership”
  • James Greyson
    December 5, 2011 -

    No disrespect to the sincere efforts and commitment of these leaders from the past 40 years but the video illustrates very well why there has been no overall progress. The necessary “analytically sound and morally grounded agenda for action” was and still is missing. We’ve spent 40 years assuming that the problems will break down into convenient pieces, ie “we take one block at a time”. This has allowed our responses to match our mental models of the problems and to match available pools of knowledge and expertise. It does not however match the problems, which are mercilously interconnected to the point where we must analyse them as a whole unit. This is not so difficult and certainly does not “produce simple chaos”.

    Is there an international organisation working on this really joined up agenda for action that I can co-operate with? Fingers crossed that someone is interested in this analysis!

  • Gerhard Knies
    January 1, 2013 -

    Dear James,

    I share your view 100%. The global problems are interconnected and cannot be solved piece by piece.

    I am working on that, together with a small tem.

    If you are still interested, let me know and I will send you more.

    My best regards
    Gerhard Knies

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