Science-Policy Interface

Scientific Advisory BoardThis project seeks to create an international research initiative on the science-policy interface in global governance, to contribute directly to policymaking at the United Nations, and to the formation of a community of policy-engaged scholars working on sustainable development. The term “science-policy interface” refers to mechanisms to bring scientific research into policymaking and has been rapidly gaining recognition and importance in global environmental governance.

As policymakers work to craft a new agenda for sustainable development and new rules for climate governance, the need for rigorous, policy-relevant research is greater than ever. For this reason, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently established a Scientific Advisory Board to advise him in this field. The Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project, Maria Ivanova, is one of the 26 members of a select group of eminent scholars and scientists chosen to advise the Secretary-General on sustainable development issues.

The Science-Policy Interface project will deliver scholarly analysis to policymakers and will actively engage UMass Boston students in the work of the UN Scientific Advisory Board. Through this effort, UMass Boston will become a hub for a growing global community of policy-engaged scholars collaborating on the most pressing problems of environment, development, and social justice.

To this end, the following goals define this project:

  • To contribute to the development of new knowledge of relevance to contemporary global policy initiatives
  • To create and sustain a community of engaged scholars working on integrating scientific rigor into global policymaking for sustainable development and climate change


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