Institutional Analysis

There is growing analytical research on the effectiveness and performance of international organizations. Growing pressure for measurable results through programs such as the Millennium Development Goals has increased emphasis on performance assessment. Additionally, an analytically based understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current system is necessary to developing effective plans for improvement.The Global Environmental Governance Project is participating in these efforts by studying the United Nations Environment Programme and the global environmental governance system as well as examining other organizations and governance systems in areas such as health and development.

Can the anchor hold? by Maria Ivanova, Director of the GEG Project. An assessment of the effectiveness of UNEP as the anchor institution for the global environment.

Resources on Institutional Analysis:

Assessment of Multilateral Organisational Effectiveness: An Overview of Results
In 2004, the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom assessed the organisational effectiveness of multilateral and international organizations.

Institutional Models
An introduction to a variety of international organizations and their governance systems.