Berne Workshop 2011

The Berne workshop on International Environmental Governance: Grounding Policy Reform in Rigorous Analysis is a joint initiative of the Federal Office for the Environment of Switzerland, the Global Environmental Governance Project of the Center for Governance and Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the World Trade Institute at the University of Berne.

The workshop took place on 26-28 June 2011, and brought together renowned academics and policymakers. The goals of the workshop were to identify existing reform ideas and to generate new ones, grounded in rigorous academic analysis and tested against practice. We seek to provide concrete input as governments negotiate a new set of institutional arrangements for environment and sustainable development in the run up to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. The workshop also provided the opportunity to create a long-term, focused research and policy network. To see the summary report click here. For a downloadable version click here.

Below you can find the Background Documents for the workshop.

PART I: Logistics, Participants and Think Pieces

Schedule of the Workshop

Final Agenda

Final List of Participants

Participant Biographies

Think Pieces

“Structural Impediments to Effective International Environmental Governance”
Robert Falkner, London School of Economics

“Reforming International Environmental Governance: One Year Ahead of Rio 2012“
Nils Simon, German Institute for International and Security Affairs; Environmental Policy Research Centre 

“Civil Society and Global Environmental Governance: Institutional Innovations and Issues”
Ken Abbott, Arizona State University

“Improving the Organization of Global Environmental Governance”
Steve Charnovitz, George Washington University

“Can the Trade Regime Offer Lessons for Reforming the Architecture of the Environmental Regime?: A Discussion Note”
Thomas Cottier and Manfred Elsig, World Trade Institute, University of Bern


PART II: Background Papers

“A Non-institutional Proposal to Strengthen International Environmental Governance”
Franz Xaver Perrez and Daniel Ziegerer, Federal Office for the Environment of Switzerland, Environmental Policy and Law, 38/5, 2008

“International Environmental Governance A Legal Analysis of Selected Options”
Ole Kristian Fauchald, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, FNI Report 16/2010

“Possibilities of Enhancing Co-operation and Co-ordination among MEAs in the Biodiversity Cluster”
Nordic Council of Ministers, 2009

“Global Environmental Governance in the 21st Century: Way Ahead Wide Open”Report from the Global Environmental Governance Forum: Reflecting on the Past, Moving into the Future.
Maria Ivanova, University of Massachusetts Boston, Global Environmental Governance Project, 2009


PART III: UN Background Documents

Joint Inspection Unit Report, 2008: “Management Review of Environmental Governance Within the United Nations System”

Belgrade-Rome, 2009: “Set of Options for Improving International Environmental Governance”

Nairobi-Helsinki, 2010: “Consultative Group of Ministers or High-level Representatives— Nairobi-Helsinki Outcome”

Helsinki, 2010: “Annotated Table of Broader IEG Reform in Standardized Format— Information Note from the Executive Director of UNEP”

“Reformatted Table of Broader IEG Reform”
Maria Ivanova, University of Massachusetts Boston and Global Environmental Governance Project, 2010