Academia & Policy

The academic community is uniquely positioned to contribute to the current discussions on the reform of international environmental governance. Many scholars possess extensive expertise in the functions and dysfunctions of the UN system and can offer targeted analyses and proposals infusing new and innovative ideas into the negotiations.

The Global Environmental Governance Project isĀ convened a conference of academics and policymakers to explore a set of questions, bring rigorous analysis to the policymaking process, and bring policy relevance to academic inquiry. An important role was to also empower students to connect their analytical work in the classroom to the political debates in the United Nations.

The first meeting of academics, think-tank researchers and policymakers at the national and international level was held in Berne, Switzerland 26-28 June 2011.

A tangible outcome of that meeting is the Governance and Sustainability Issue Brief Series, which are peer-reviewed by one academic and one policy maker. The Summary Report of the meeting is available online.