Journal “Environmental Politics” Publishes New Issue on Climate Policy
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fenp20.v023.i05.coverThe journal Environmental Politics has recently released a special issue on “Innovations in Climate Policy,” with ten papers on climate change governance.

The papers explore three aspects of policy innovation: invention, diffusion and evaluation. On the first paper, the authors Andrew Jordan and Dave Huitema note that “Based on a review of existing concepts and theoretical explanations for (in)action at this level, we make the case for adopting a more holistic approach to understanding policy innovation, covering the source of new policy elements (‘invention’), their wider entry into use (‘diffusion’), and their projected and/or real effects (‘evaluation’). The analytical and methodological challenges that arise from integrating these three perspectives are systematically explored and integrated into a new analytical framework used in the other contributions to this volume to explore more fully the politics of invention, diffusion, and evaluation in specific areas of mitigation and adaptation policy.”

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Gabriela Bueno is a PhD student in Global Governance and Human Security at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and a research associate at the Center for Governance and Sustainability.

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