Publication: Increased Focus on Green Energy for Small Island Developing States
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In a recent article, journalist Peter Richards of the Inter Press Service provides an overview of a new publication titled “Transitioning to a Green Economy-Political Economy of Approaches in Small States“. The work is part of ongoing efforts by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to foster implementation and raise awareness of green energy issues.  The 216-page document was presented at the Third Biennial Conference on Small States in St. Lucia and provides analyses of challenges and successes for eight case-study countries.

Dr. David Smith, one of the authors and coordinator of the Institute for Sustainable Development at the University of the West Indies (UWI) remarked on the book’s contribution: “What is useful about this book is that rather than have us just looking inside our own borders for solutions, we can look at other people’s solutions – or indeed other people’s mistakes – and learn from those and try to tailor those to our own situations.”

The study identifies the formidable challenges for SIDS trying to move towards a green economy, such as high dependence on imported energy, the need for cheap energy and locating suitable, and adequate financing for greening. The work also offers a positive outlook for future prospects for low-cost renewable energy, particularly solar, wind, geothermal and hydro.  SIDS countries, policymakers and industry representatives hope to continue their high-level discussions of pursuit of creative and effective ways towards green economy at the UN Conference on Small Island Developing States in Samoa this September.

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