New IPCC Working Group II Report
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On March 30th, 2014, the IPCC Working Group II released its contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the IPCCC. There are a number of Working Groups for the IPCCC process, but Working Group II specifically focuses on impacts of climate change, climate change adaptation, and vulnerabilities. Their report, entitled Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, involved 243 Lead Authors, 66 Review Editors, and more than 436 additional experts, and it reflects the most up-to-date research on the aforementioned topics.

The Summary for Policymakers contains the condensed version of what all the scientific research that went into the document actually means for the nations of the world. It lists observed impacts of climate change such as the following: “Based on many studies covering a wide range of regions and crops, negative impacts of climate change on crop yields have been more common than positive impacts” (emphasis added). It also covers the key risks of climate change, such as the “systemic risks due to extreme weather events leading to breakdown of infrastructure networks and critical services such as electricity, water supply, and health and emergency services.”

What is different about this report compared to older iterations of the Working Group II findings is that this report draws on a much larger literature to determine the impacts, adaptations, and vulnerabilities of climate change. Climate change is going to impact every aspect of human organization and existence in the coming century, and this report reflects a broader range of concerns by having sections on health, human security, and livelihoods and poverty.

To read the full report, click here.

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Michael Denney is a PhD student in the Global Governance and Human Security program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a Research Associate at the Center for Governance and Sustainability.

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