ANSAF Tanzania Wins ONE Africa 2013 Award
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As the eyes of the global community turn towards the sustainable development goals and the post-2015 agenda, it’s important to remember that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have not yet concluded. Indeed, advocates, civil society organizations, national governments, the UN, and more are still hard at work trying to meet the aspirational goals of the MDGs.

In that spirit, ONE Africa recently awarded the 2013 ONE Africa Award to the Agricultural Non-State Actors Forum (ANSAF) of Tanzania. The annual award, a cash prize of $100,000 USD, is awarded to a civil society organization in Africa that contributes greatly towards achieving the MDGs. ANSAF is a network of non-state stakeholders in Tanzania’s agricultural sector. Effectively, they monitor the government’s agricultural budgets. With that information, they lobby on behalf of the country’s smallholders by working to convince the government to allocate 10% of its annual budget to rural livelihoods development. This 10% figure comes from the African Union’s 2003 Maputo Declaration, and is designed to ensure food security for rural citizens.

Much is made of the process that leads to international agreements. And now, with attention shifting away from the MDGs and towards the new SDGs, much of the discussion revolves around the high-level processes that guide the discussion. However, once goals are agreed-upon, the burden of progress falls to the implementing agencies. Getting states to agree on goals is important, but ultimately the agencies with boots on the ground will lead the fight against global poverty. It is important to recognize the roles that they play and the goals they achieve.

ONE Africa is a lobby group that advocates for focus on the various MDGs. To learn more click here.

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Michael Denney is a PhD student in the Global Governance and Human Security program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a Research Associate at the Center for Governance and Sustainability.

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