Council on Foreign Relations Releases Global Report Card
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The well-respected Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) released the latest edition of its Global Governance Report Card. The report card evaluates intergovernmental and U.S. national efforts to combat global challenges. For the evaluation, CFR looks at actions taken to address six global challenges: climate change, global finance, nuclear nonproliferation, armed conflict, public health, and terrorism. The international community at large and the United States in particular are given separate letter grades for the various challenges.

If the international community and the United States were students, they would be, at best, middling. The United States is slightly ahead of the international community, with a few more B grades, but overall the picture is bleak. On climate change, the international community receives its worst grade: a D; and the United States is only slightly ahead of the curb with a C-.

The climate change portion of the report evaluates six climate issue-areas: understanding climate change threats, curbing emissions and promoting low carbon development, adapting to climate change, and more. CFR says that while the international community deserves a ‘good’ ranking for ‘understanding climate change’, failures like Japan, Canada, and Russia opting out of the second round of Kyoto Protocol commitments bog down progress on the issue.

Overall, the report is an interesting read and provides and easy-to-understand, though by no means comprehensive, approach to evaluating global governance.

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Michael Denney is a PhD student in the Global Governance and Human Security program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a Research Associate at the Center for Governance and Sustainability.

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