UNEP Unveils Global Efficient Lighting Center
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On October 21st, 2012, Reuters reported that the United Nations Environment Programme, in collaboration with other UN institutions and the People’s Republic of China, publicized the opening of the Global Efficient Lighting Center in Beijing, China. The lighting center is a part of the on-going efforts of the Enlighten Initiative. Enlighten is a global compact between developing nations, emerging economies, UNEP, and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to accelerate the usage of energy efficient lighting. According to UNEP, if energy efficient lighting mechanisms took the place of traditional lights around the world, global energy consumption would shrink by 5%, amounting to an annual savings of around USD $110 billion.

Energy efficient lighting includes LEDs and CFLs, as opposed to traditional incandescent lights and fuel-based lights. LEDs and CFLs are significantly more expensive than traditional light bulbs, which is one reason why they have not yet spread to the developing world. Through the Enlighten Initiative, UNEP and GEF provide technical support and funding for developing countries to phase out traditional lights. The Lighting Center in Beijing will provide an institutional home for developing new efficient lighting techniques and products, brainstorming effective market-alteration policy, and examining new ways in which lighting needs can be supplied in an environmentally sustainable way.

To read the Reuters article, click here.

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