Follow Up to Roads from Rio+20
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Following up Natalia’s blog post: On May 30th 2012, the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency  published their report on sustainable development, Roads from Rio+20: Pathways to achieve global sustainability goals by 2050. The report, written by a number of authors including Frank Biermann, Philipp Patterberg, and Nicolien van der Grijp, analyses how the combination of technological measures and changes in consumption patterns could contribute to achieving a set of sustainability objectives, taking into account the interlinkages between them.

The report addresses obstacles to sustainable development that have emerged since the 1992 Rio Conference and how to move forward at Rio+20 and beyond. It provides a long-term vision and goals for food and biodiversity and energy and climate; it considers the historical and expected future trends related to sustainable development goals. The authors assess which efforts would be needed to bend current trends in order to achieve sustainable development goals. They consider how to transform global governance for sustainable development and ask whether a pragmatic approach will be enough to meet sustainable development goals.

A pdf of the report is available here.

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Murray is a Director of the International Court for the Environment Coalition and has worked with the International Maritime Organization, the Environmental Law Foundation, Sustainable Future Consulting at the LSE, the Government of Canada and Scotia Capital, a Canadian Investment Bank. Murray has studied international environmental law and policy at the London School of Economics and alternative dispute resolution at Queen Mary, University of London and Harvard Law School. Murray is currently reading for a master’s degree in international relations at Harvard University.

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