Prof. Maria Ivanova Coauthors Chapter in Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability
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The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, an interdisciplinary publication that covers academic topics such as environmental sustainability, international relations, and global governance, will publish its sixth volume in April, 2012. Entitled Measurements, Indicators, and Research Methods for Sustainability, Volume Six examines the concepts and theories of sustainability, and how these concepts are implemented on the global level. Articles and chapters from this volume, authored by international experts, focus on methodologies used to measure sustainability, how the results should be displayed and presented, and the impact of these results on global environmental policy.

Prof. Maria Ivanova, Assistant Professor of Global Governance at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Melissa Goodall, the Assistant Director of the Yale Office of Sustainability, have co-authored a chapter in this volume. Entitled Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) Reports, the chapter gives a comprehensive analysis of the eponymous assessment tool, the Global Environmental Outlook, that United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) uses to review how environmental requirements are reported on a global level. Established in 1972, UNEP was designed to be the leading authority on global environmental issues and has been one the principal organizations responsible for reviewing international environmental obligations and their implementation. The Global Environmental Outlook, published four times since 1997 and scheduled for a fifth before Rio+20 in June, 2012, contains the integrated tool with which UNEP conducts one of its core functions: environmental review. The chapter traces GEO’s development, analyzes how it functions, describes how it encourages global engagement, and concludes with challenges and potential directions for the future.

The list price for this volume is $150, but its prepublication price of $135 is still available for order.

About the Author :

Marija Bingulac is a doctoral student in public policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston’s, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. She received her BA in political science from University of Massachusetts Boston in 2009, graduating with Excellence in Political Science Award as well as with the Feinstein Award for distinguished work in public policy and social justice classes. Following graduation, she worked in Belgrade, Serbia with the NGO Church World Service on hunger and poverty research projects. Her research agenda centers on Roma inclusion in Serbia, politics of poverty, gender, race and ethnicity.

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