Publication Highlight: 2010-2011 Edition of World Resources, Decision making in a changing climate: Adaptation Challenges and Choices
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The 2010-2011 edition of World Resources “Decision making in a changing climate: Adaptation challenges and choices”,produced by the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Bank, and the World Resources Institute and based on input from more than 100 experts in 36 countries, hinges on an increasing awareness that all of the efforts devoted to controlling climate change and variability have been to the near exclusion of preparing for the future impact of these challenges. Likewise, governments are beginning to acknowledge that these challenges will require some difficult policy choices. The report calls for a comprehensive and multifaceted (responsive, proactive, flexible, durable and robust) approach to adaptive decision making as climate change undoubtedly impacts more than environment.

The authors reason that such an approach to decision making is essential as the effects of climate change will steal into many critical sectors upon which humankind depends (including agriculture, energy, transportation, land use, and water management). The Word Resources report is intended to assist governments in this undertaking by providing a publically-available, broad-based research program which identifies five critical elements regarded as significantly contributing to the ability of governments to make effective decisions in enhancing their adaptive responses to climate change.

These critical elements are explored in the report and become the basis for its policy recommendations: 1) early and ongoing public engagement; 2) decision-relevant information; 3) institutional design; 4) resources; and 5) tools for planning and decision making. These recommendations serve to clarify the difficulty of, and urgent need for, adaptive decision making.

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