Call for contributions to global civil society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance
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In preparation for the 26th Governing Council of the UN Environment Programme (to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 21-25 February 2011), the recently created civil society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance is working on a background document to be presented to governments. The document will seek to address five key questions:

  1. Why should international environmental governance reform be of interest to developing countries? What are the relevant outcomes?
  2. Why is incremental reform not enough? Why is fundamental reform of international environmental governance necessary?
  3. Why should the world believe in and support the United Nations, when multilateralism is not delivering results?
  4. Why strengthen the UN Environment Programme when environment should be everyone’s responsibility and integrated into all other UN programmes and agencies?
  5. What are some effective and/or promising models for engaging civil society in the work of the United Nations on the environment?

If you are interested in contributing thoughts or materials on any of these questions, please contact Please indicate clearly which question you are contributing to.

All inputs need to be received by January 8, 2011.

We also invite you to join our linked-in group for a discussion of these and other related issues .

About the Author :

Maria Ivanova is the Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project and Associate Professor at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

2 Comments to “Call for contributions to global civil society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance”
  • Maria Ivanova
    December 28, 2010 -

    Please feel free to send us copies of published work as well and we will do our best to integrate insights into the Advisory Group work.

    Thank you!

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