GEG Project, partners announce the launch of Academic Council on Global Environmental Governance
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The Global Environmental Governance Project has embarked on an exciting new initiative — an Academic Council on Global Environmental Governance (AC/GEG).

The project is a collaboration with the The Center for Law and Global Affairs at Arizona State University College of Law, and the Academic Council on the United Nations system. The Council seeks to harness rigorous academic research for the redesign of international environmental institutions.

Environment ministers from around the world have acknowledged that the status quo in international environmental governance, characterized by overlap, fragmentation and resource deficiencies, is no longer acceptable and that reform is imperative. Since 2009,environment ministers have been considering a range of governance options. Although previous consultations on international environmental governance have largely been restricted to governments, the Governing Council of the UN Environment Programme took an historic decision in February 2010 to seek direct civil society input.

The academic community is uniquely positioned to contribute to the current discussions. Many scholars possess extensive expertise in the functions and dysfunctions of the UN system and can offer targeted analyses and proposals infusing new and innovative ideas into the negotiations. The Academic Council will provide the platform for collecting, compiling and communicating analysis and policy recommendations, primarily through the civil society advisory group created in October 2010. Over time, AC/GEG will also contribute in broader ways to improving environmental governance. It seeks to encourage new research on international governance options, and plans to publish edited volumes and a special journal issue.

Compiling existing scholarship into policy relevant outputs will bring new scholarly insights, inspire new research and collaborations, and create solid research consortia linking academic communities and policy practitioners. It should inspire a new generation of students, scholars, and practitioners – thinkers and doers – and motivate them to develop a global network focused on addressing concrete governance problems using innovative, transdisciplinary modes of analysis and new tools of communication.
AC/GEG is now inviting colleagues from colleges, universities, and other research
institutions to submit published or forthcoming papers, draft papers, and abstracts of
proposed papers addressing the following themes relevant to the international reform
•State of the current international environmental governance system;
•Strategies to eliminate existing shortcomings and replicate successes; and
Ideas for designing new institutional frameworks or restructuring existing ones.
For more information, including deadlines, see the Call for Submissions.

Submissions should be sent to Maria Ivanova at:

To join the AC/GEG’s online discussion group on global environmental governance on
LinkedIn, please click here.
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Michael Corcoran is a project associate for the Global Environmental Governance Project and a master's candidate at the John McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He has written for several publications including The Nation, The Christian Science Monitor and The Boston Globe.

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