Regional Events 2010

Some of the participants at the GEG Consultations in Nepal

In August and September 2010, the GEG Project initiated and sponsored five regional events on governance in China, Argentina, Uganda, Nepal, and Ethiopia. Led by young environmental leaders in those countries who attended the 2009 GEG Forum in Glion, these consultations aimed to generate genuine engagement in thought and action on global environmental governance in all the regions. Involving stakeholders in different parts of the world in the governance debate is important for successful solutions, since different models are functional in different contexts and all perspectives are needed for designing flexible environmental governance systems for the future.

Read more about each of the regional events here:

Beijing, China 8 August 2010

Kampala, Uganda 10 August 2010

Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 August 2010

Kathmandu, Nepal 9 September 2010

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 14 September 2010

Participants at the Regional GEG Consultation Workshop in Uganda