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Past Newsletters:

Spring 2014: Christiana Figueres Commencement address; AAU visit; Environmental Conventions Initiative; Maria Ivanova appointed to UNU Board; Negusu Aklilu publishes article;  Ben Cashore visits UMass.

Winter 2013/14: Center launches Environmental Conventions Initiative; Maria Ivanova attends first Science Advisory Board meeting; Center launches new collaborations with HoA-REC&N and Yale GEM initiative; Issue Brief 9 published.

Fall 2013: Center announces progress report; Maria Ivanova appointed to Scientific Advisory Board; Issue Brief 8 published; Tse Yang Lim receives award for publication.

IGERT Announcement: UMass Boston receives $3.1 million Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship grant from the National Science Foundation.

Spring 2013: Christina Figueres speaks at UMass Boston; Center at UNEP governing council; new documentary; Katell LeGouvlen at UMass; Issue Brief 7.

Holiday Greeting 2012: First PhD cohort in Global Governance and Human Security; Thanks to subscribers and followers for support.

Fall 2012: Center launches projects and publications at Fall event;  a delegation from UMass Boston participates in Rio+20; Center launches Readers’ Guide; Craig Murphy receives distinguished scholars award.

Spring 2012: Kamal Bawa receives Gunnerus Sustainability Award and elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences; UMass Boston and UNEP partner initiative; Uttam Shrestha wins ‘Earth and You’ photo competition; Planet Under Pressure.

Winter 2011/12: First newsletter of the Center; Introduction to publications, fellows, and collaborators.

Spring 2011: Last newsletter of the GEG before transition to Center; Rio+20 approaching; production of outcome report from Gilon; CITES and biodiversity cluster.

Winter 2010/11: GEG project participates in UNEP Governing Council; UNEP reform agenda in Nairobi; Civil society advisory groups and UNEP.

Fall 2010: New GEG Website; GEG moves to Boston; Regional GEG events; UNEP documents on IEG reform.

GEG Newsletter Special Edition Summer 2010:  High-level process on international environmental governance reform; GEG Project is receiving applications for Civil Society Advisory Group on IEG; Opportunities to contribute to the IEG process; IEG reform timeline; and announcements on the GEG Project Team and Network

Spring 2010: GEG Project newest documentary, Quest for Leadership; GEG Forum recognized as influential in the international environmental governance process; 11th Special Session of the UNEP Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum; current events, news appearances, and announcements on the GEG Project Team and Network

Winter 2009/10: GEG Project participation in Copenhagen; the 10th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment; and Alternatives Economiques’ interview with GEG Project Director Maria Ivanova; current events, news appearances, and announcements on the GEG Project Team and Network

Fall 2009: Discussion of the GEG Project Forum in Glion, Switzerland; GEG Project publishes Glion Forum Report- “Global Environmental Governance in the 21st Century: Way Ahead Wide Open,” documentaries  ”Quest for Symphony” and “Global Environmental Governance: Way Ahead Not Closed”; current events, news appearances, and announcements on the GEG Project Team and Network