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Global Environmental Governance in the 21st Century: Way Ahead Wide Open

Forum Report_CoverBy Maria Ivanova. Published by the Global Environmental Governance Project. 2009.

This report reflects the main points of discussion at the Global Environmental Governance Forum: Reflecting on the Past, Moving into the Future that took place from June 28th to July 2nd, 2009 in Glion, Switzerland. Based on the main points of discussion at the Forum, the report crafts a vision for moving forward and proposes an Agenda for Action that outlines concrete, practical and realistic steps essential to building momentum in the reform process.

Global Environmental Governance: Perspectives on the Current Debate

Perspectives on Current DebateContributors: E. Berruga, F. Biermann, M. El-Ashry, C. Figueres, M. Ivanova, N. Kanie, M. Knigge, P. Maurer, N. Meyer-Ohlendorf, & J. Roy. Edited by Lydia Swart & Estelle Perry. Published by the Center for UN Reform. 2007.

This book provides up-to-date information on the options and opportunities to strengthen global environmental governance (GEG) and explores fundamental questions such as: Can the current GEG system deal effectively with environmental problems? What are the pros and cons of having hundreds of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, each with their own Secretariat and Conference of the Parties? What can be learned from UNEP’s history? How can the GEG system be improved?  Download.

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

Green to GoldBy Daniel C. Esty and Andrew Winston. Published by Yale University Press. 2006.

This book explores what every executive must know to manage the environmental challenges facing business and society. Based on the authors’ years of experience and hundreds of interviews with corporate leaders around the world, Green to Gold shows how companies generate lasting value–cutting costs, reducing risk, driving new revenues, and creating strong brands–by building environmental thinking into their core business strategies.

Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston provide clear how-to advice and concrete examples from companies like BP, Toyota, IKEA, Nike, and GE that are achieving both environmental and business success. The authors show how these cutting-edge companies are establishing an “Eco-Advantage” in the marketplace as traditional elements of competitive differentiation fade in importance. Esty and Winston not only highlight successful strategies but also make plain what does not work, spelling out why environmental initiatives sometimes fail despite the best intentions.”  More information.

Can the Anchor Hold?: Rethinking the United Nations Environment Programme for the 21st Century

Anchor holdBy Maria Ivanova, Director of the GEG Project. Published by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. 2005.

This publication assesses the performance of UNEP as the mandated anchor institution for the global environment. The report takes a look at UNEP’s performance in regards to key functions that are necessary for an effective international environmental organization and offers policy recommendations for governments, UNEP, and the UN Secretary-General on steps for reform.

Published in time for the historic UN General Assembly / 2005 World Summit, this report aims to reinvigorate the debate on the architecture of global environmental governance in the context of larger UN reform discussions.  Download or Order.

Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities

Options and OpportunitiesDaniel C. Esty & Maria Ivanova, Editors. Published by the Yale School for Forestry & Environmental Studies. 2002.

“This collection of essays assembles the accumulated collective knowledge on global environmental governance generated by the Global Environmental Governance Project. It draws on different perspectives from authors of five continents aiming to contribute to the policy dialogue with a rigorous reform agenda that will strengthen global environmental governance.”  Download or Order.

Governança Ambiental Global: Opções & Oportunidades

geg_portugueseDaniel C. Esty e Maria Ivanova (Organizadores). 2005. Editora:Â Senac

A governança ambiental envolve todos e cada um nas decisões sobre meio ambiente, por meio das organizações civis e governamentais, a fim de obter ampla e irrestrita adesão ao projeto de manter a integridade do planeta. Preview online.

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