Our core mission of imagining a different future relies on the ingenuity and commitment of individuals around the world who share the common value of environmental stewardship. To this end, we seek to create a community across borders, disciplines, organizations and ideologies. The members of the Global Environmental Governance community that we have fostered over the years share intent, ideas, and instruments for advancing the dialogue about challenges and opportunities for governance reform.

While our conversations started in the 1990s with a small group of thinkers, our community now reaches all continents and comprises a large network of experts and interested individuals who care about the environment and sustainability.

Our core research team is based in academia and engages undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent graduates in research and policy outreach. Our team of GEG Project alumni is growing as students graduate and embark on new careers. The GEG Community includes participants in our past conferences as well as individuals interested in significant and sustained engagement in governance thought and action.

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