Brief 9: UNDP: Reviving a Practical Human Development Organization
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January 2014 by Craig Murphy and Stephen Browne

GEG Issue Brief 9Constant reform has characterized the UN Development Programme (UNDP) throughout its existence. Change bespeaks an organization ready to adapt but also fundamentally uncertain about its proper role. It teeters between two sets of tensions—as coordinator of and competitor within the UN development system, and as exerting priorities from the center while seeking to be flexible in its program countries. These tensions should be resolved, and enable UNDP to be the UN’s sustainable human development organization. This brief lays out the options that are open for UNDP to take on; and concludes by giving inputs towards re-orientation, with implications for its substantive orientation, its funding role, and its country presence.

Downloadable PDF: Issue Brief 9 – Murphy and Browne

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