When Elephants Fight
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OpenDemocracy recently published an article of Harris Gleckman, Senior Fellow at the Center for Governance and Sustainability and Director of Benchmark Environmental Consulting. His article “When elephants fight, the grassroots get hurt”, argues that we could be witnessing a three-way economic-ideological battle among the ruling elites. He reasons that some new political-economic forces have upended the traditional status quo in politics. Various events and processes with international and global implications have occurred within the last year, ranging from the new US administration and pressures on the EU from nationalist movements, to the continuing Greek debt crisis and the challenging Brexit negotiations.

In essence, the article suggests that there are three distinct factions fighting amongst each other for the future direction of the international and domestic economy. These factions are divided into the old-fashioned globalization group, the multistakeholderism advocates, and the state destruction faction. The starting point is the recognition that state destruction faction in the EU and the US is now a separate political force and it is making a play for real global power.

The article can be found here.

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