InforMEA – New United Nations Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements
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In an effort to improve the sharing of information related to international agreements that protect the environment, the United Nations set up the Multilateral Environmental Agreements Information and Knowledge Management Initiative (MEA IKM) in 2009. Supported by UNEP, currently participating in the initiative are 17 Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) from 12 Secretariats, hosted by three UN organizations and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

From 14-16 June 2011, UNEP is hosting a 2nd Steering Committee Meeting for the MEA IKM initiative in Glion, Switzerland (where the GEG Forum 2009 took place). An early result of the meeting was the launch of the first project within the initiative: InforMEA – the United Nations Information Portal on Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

InforMEA is a webportal that allows for accurate and timely data availability in a cost effective way, by displaying information drawn directly from MEA Secretariat websites and databases in one central location. It helps MEA secretariats to get an easy overview of what other important actors are doing in their field, so that synergies are created and similar efforts can be coordinated. The project also benefits Parties to the various MEAs and the environment community at large, since it is easier to find news, calendars, decisions and resolutions from different treaty meetings, country specific membership information, and much more.

The InforMEA website can be visited at Participating MEAs come from the issue areas Biodiversity; Chemicals and Waste Management; Climate, Atmosphere and Deserts. See the full list.

Read more about InforMEA in the UNEP Press release.


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Sara Svensson joined the GEG team in June 2010 working out of Gothenburg in Sweden. She spent the first half of 2011 working full-time in Boston with the GEG Project. Sara is a global youth representative in the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee and the UNEP Civil Society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance.

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