10/10/10 – Global Work Party for Climate Solutions
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Today on 10/10/10, people at 7347 events in 188 countries are getting to work on the climate crisis. Initiated by 350.org, this day is called a Global Work Party for Climate Solutions, with emphasis on both ‘work’ and ‘party’. People everywhere are taking concrete action to cut carbon by digging community gardens, installing solar panels, planting trees, and much more, showing that the climate movement is bigger and more beautiful than ever before.

People involved send a clear message to climate negotiators and political leaders: “if we can get to work, so can you – on the legislation and the treaties that will make all our work easier in the long run.”

Among the many other actions happening on this day, Power of One calls 10/10/10 Humanity’s Date With Destiny and invites people to make a profound and historic declaration of interdependence.

All in all, today’s Work Party is the most widespread day of practical and political engagement in the planet’s history: except for Equatorial Guinea and North Korea, every nation on earth is represented. Find an event near you, or view photos and get inspired by this growing global movement on 350.org’s photostream.

About the Author :

Sara Svensson joined the GEG team in June 2010 working out of Gothenburg in Sweden. She spent the first half of 2011 working full-time in Boston with the GEG Project. Sara is a global youth representative in the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee and the UNEP Civil Society Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance.

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