Introducing the Environmental Translation Project
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Intelligent Futures, based in Canada and founded by GEG Project Emerging Leader, John Lewis, has announced its latest collaborative initiative: the Environmental Translation Project. Founded to bring together knowledge, networks, and experience, Intelligent Futures aims to create lasting sustainability solutions. Through the Environmental Translation Project, a team of sixteen translators spread across eleven countries engage in bringing complex concepts to a wide audience with the goal to better understand how the environment connects our world.

In each “Translation Area,” ranging from governance and finance to population, human rights and development, the translators provide a brief article  (in plain language) on the connections between that issue and the environment as well as statistics, figures, and links to relevant resources.

“What has become increasingly apparent to me through my work and collaboration with people from all corners of the world is that the communication of environmental issues hasn’t been as effective as it should be,” explains John Lewis. “The Environmental Translation Project attempts to understand the environment through the lens of various industries, sectors and issues. By breaking down these barriers, more people can find the common ground that actually exists between us all.” For over four years, John has worked on community sustainability planning and has been involved in imagineCalgary from its inception.

Read about the Project in the second edition of the Intelligent Futures newsletter, “The Intelligent Advantage.”

About the Author :

Maria Ivanova is the Director of the Global Environmental Governance Project and Associate Professor at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

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