We aim to foster dialogue, thought and action for global environmental governance and sustainability. The Global Environmental Governance Project offers three critical functions: 1) provides a ‘clearinghouse’ of environmental governance information for scholars, researchers, students, policymakers, and diplomats; 2) serves as a ‘brutal analyst’ of available data offering rigorous theoretical, empirical and policy relevant analysis; and 3) acts as an ‘honest broker’ convening various stakeholders and facilitating dialogue and engagement.

Standing at the interface of traditional disciplinary boundaries, the Global Environmental Governance Project investigates the history of environmental governance, explores contemporary developments, and develops policy options for the future of international environmental institutions.

The GEG Project seeks to do so through several initiatives:

1. The United Nations Environmental History Initiative seeks to collect, compile and communicate historical documentation and individual oral accounts of the creation and management of the global environmental governance system. The goal is to clarify the historical record on the creation of the system of global environmental governance and fill the gap in the intellectual history of environmental governance.

2. Global Environmental Governance Reform Research investigates the performance of international environmental organizations in addressing current and emerging global environmental problems. This initiative seeks to measure, assess and explain organizational performance.

3. Global Environmental Governance Forum is an initiative seeking to engage civil society and policymakers in a sustained, structured and substantive dialogue about the performance of the system, the reasons behind it, and possible reform options at various levels of governance. Through this initiative, we are particularly keen on linking academic thinking to the policy process and on widening the discussion to informed publics around the world. To this end, we are reaching out to youth across the globe and producing multimedia products about governance.

Materials and findings will be made available to researchers, scholars, and policymakers through online access as well as through analytical, policy-relevant publications. In this way, the GEG Project seeks to inspire and foster a strong network of young professionals around the world, leading the way toward effective environmental governance and sustainability.